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Security Information & Event Management

SIEM is the most important solution for security monitoring nowadays, it collects all sort of business activities and automate the analysis process, helping the organization to uncover the security threat coming from external as well as internal. We specialized in Security Information Event Management, we implementing the SIEM solution for our valuable clients. 


Centralized Log Management

CLM is a mandatory solution requires for business owner to visualize the business activities. Without this solution, organization failed its audit compliance requirements, and unable to track what is happening in their environment. Another words, became blind.


Incident Response

IR is essential process for every organization, it helps to eliminate further security breaches and resolve the breach impact to the minimal level. With proper incident response process in place, the organization improves its security posture by adding more protection whenever incidents responded. Knowledge accumulated for root cause analysis and forensic investigation was performed professionally. We are trained in providing incident response services to our valuable clients.


Security Operating Center

SOC is getting very important nowadays, medium and large enterprises are adopting SOC to protect their business security. We are trained to provide SOC advisory and implementation services to our valuable clients. 

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